​​​​Northeast Adventist College

Jowai, Meghalaya

Education leads to the development of the child’s innate powers: physical, emotional, social and spiritual.  Children are extremely impressionable and can be molded.

Education provides the direction and guidance necessary for forming social personalities and for developing children’s powers in desired direction.

-Mr. Bhakupar Ksoo

  Business Manager



  • ​Nursery - IX

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  • 50% off on registration for the 3rd child
  • 20% off on annual fees for Adventist (Lay Members)


Our care and concern is not only for academic excellence of every students, but also social development and viable spiritual environment.  We provide and take importance to their physical well-being too. 


Join us and see what your stay here at Northeast Adventist College can do for you.




Welcome to an amazing experience in your life!

Your future is waiting at Northeast Adventist College.     



Northeast Adventist College emphasis and organize activities which contribute to the students’ mental, physical, social and spiritual development to increase their talents.



The College is to be a liberal arts campus with an ultimate student population of 1,500.
The College program is based on the harmonious integration of the student’s intellectual, physical, social and spiritual faculties, recognizing the student as an individual.