Northeast Adventist College emphasis and organize activities which contribute to the students’ mental, physical, social and spiritual development to increase their talents.

Music Class:

Students have an opportunity to learn musical instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Cajon etc

Religious Activities: 

To develop the students spiritual life, the college conduct morning and evening Worship in the hostels throughout the year. Combine church services are also conducted - Tuesday evening Prayers Meeting, Friday evening Vespers, Sabbath School, Divine Service and Adventist youth Meetings on Sabbath (Saturday).

                   These Church services are to provide opportunities to integrate faith and learning. Students are encouraged to participate actively in these services

Social Activities:

The College organizes various social programs like Talent Nights for all the hostels, Fresher’s Night, Mix-games, Debate and Staff
program to entertain and to develop the social skill of the students.

Games and Sport: 

The College has good facilities and infrastructure for sports like Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton and Table
Tennis. These facilities which the students avail plus the Annual College Sport Week are to encourage the physical development of the students.

Work Program:

Social work programs are organized by the college to give students the opportunities to appreciate and value the dignity of labour.

Pathfinder Club:

This is the youth club where the members improves their all - round development by learning various life skills and engaged in various community services.

Adventurers Club:

This is the club for the age group between 6 – 10 years to help them learn some basic skill in gardening, cooking, cleaning house,
stitching etc. 

National Service Scheme:

The College establishes National Service Scheme (NSS) and organizes various activities to develop in the students the desire to help and serve the community. 

The College Choir:

The College organizes a Choir for the students to have opportunities to participate in the church service and praise the Lord with
their talents of singing. 

Scout and Guide:

These programs help the boys and girls to develop basic life skills apart from their usual classroom learning.


The college organizes Camp to help the students develop Leadership qualities, character and personalities.