The Cultural Emphasis Day, to be celebrated by Northeast Adventist College, on the 1st of November 2017, is a unique attempt by the students and faculty to display the rich cultural heritage, wealth and diversity that the college possess. It is also an attempt by the college to display the integration of all these various cultures that has resulted in a unique and varied culture that exists in the campus. Students who have passed out and teachers who have left testify to the fact that they have invariably absorbed this unique culture in their personal cultural experiences. 

        2016 is an important year for the college because it marks the 75th Centenary year for the institution. We were not able to do much to celebrate this Platinum Centenary last year. It therefore seems appropriate for us to do so this year along with the Cultural Emphasis Day Program. 

        As indicated by the attached invitation card, it will be our great joy and satisfaction to have with us on that day all our former students/alumnis, former teachers, former administrators for the celebrations and the fellowship lunch that follows. We invite you most sincerely to be with us, we will welcome you with joy and the celebrations will be complete because YOU were there. Thank you for supporting us. 


​Lamm B Fanwar


​​​​Northeast Adventist College

Jowai, Meghalaya