One Day District Level Seminar on


13th November, 2017 at Northeast Adventist College, Khliehtryshi, Jaintia Hills Dist. Meghalaya.

Organised By Department of Political Science

National Integration is a very significant aspect in Nation building and has a profound bearing on the country’s unity and integrity. It is very important in building of a strong and prosperous nation. It means that though we belong to different castes, religions, regions, races, cultures and speak different languages, we recognize and accept the fact that we are all one and united in one nation. Our Constitution is enshrined with several principles and ideals like; Democracy, Secularism, Social Equality, to name a few, to safeguard National Integration. However, at present, our National life and unity have been affected by various divisive forces; separatistism, communalism, racism and ethnicity, to name a few. As a result, social tensions and ill feelings, conflicts, riots and communal disturbances occur in different parts of our country.

The isolated and diverse North - East India continues to witness serious challenges of integration and under – development. Most of the states in the region are affected by some form of conflict. The conflicts are wide ranging from separatist movements to inter-community and inter-ethnic conflicts within the state. In addition to these problems within the states, the region as a whole feels neglected in various issues that pose a serious threat to the unity and integrity of the country. This calls for a greater need to address these issues to maintain and promote National integration. With this in mind, the following major issues are to be addressed in the seminar;

Intra- integration in Northeast India: challenges and prospects.
Integrating Northeast with the rest of India: Role, Challenges and Prospects.

The Department calls for Papers from scholars and academicians on these themes from Jaintia Hills District.

Deadlines:       1. Last date for Abstract submission:       29th September, 20172.

Last date for full Paper:    3rd November, 2017Type your paragraph here.

​​​​Northeast Adventist College

Jowai, Meghalaya